Роза Фильберг — Снежинка (Ձյան փաթիլ) NEW!!!

Роза Фильберг — Снежинка (Ձյան փաթիլ) NEW!!! «MGER ARMENIA PRODUCTION» PRESENT Roza Filberg — «Dzyan patil» NEW song & video (Dzyan Patil, Снежинка) NEW song of pop Armenian singer and actress Roza Filberg, join us and listen our songs. All rights reserved. Music and lyrics by Anush Alexsanyan. Arrangement by KarenSevak. Sound producing by Barsamyan music. Operator Suren Tadevosyan. Pictures from the movie «Nran Hatik» (Nran hatik, Косточка граната) Contact by Armenia (Giorgi Arutinyan +37477430134) Official Website — http://www.mgerarmenia.com Official Facebook — www.facebook.com/MgerArmenia Official Instagram — https://instagram.com/mgerarmenia

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